Duke University

Ralph Eads III T'81

Ralph EadsRalph Eads is vice chairman of Jefferies & Co., Inc., a U.S. investment bank, where he chairs the firm's global energy section. 

Mr. Eads is a Duke alumnus with a bachelor's degree in Economics. 

Mr. Eads has been active in several charitable and community-focused activities including the Nature Conservancy of Texas, the Kinkaid School Foundation and Small Steps. He has a particular interest in education and served as Chairman of Expectation Graduation, a program to keep high school kids in school and was a trustee of St. George's School.

Mr. Eads and his wife, Lisa, reside in Houston, and have five children:  David M. Eads, Alia C. Eads T'12, Julia Eads T'14, Evan Eads T'16, and Matthew Eads T'18.

Mr. Eads was elected to the Duke University Board of Trustees in 2009 and is a member of the Human Resources Committee and Business and Finance Committee.

Mr. Eads currently serves on the Duke Forward steering committee and has served on the Fuqua School of Business Board of Visitors, the Trinity College Board of Visitors, and the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy Board of Visitors.

July 2015