Business and Finance Committee

The Business and Finance Committee is responsible for safeguarding and monitoring the University’s financial stability and long-term economic health.  The Committee serves as the Board’s principal forum for the consideration of matters relating to the University’s business operations, administration, budgeting, financing, financial reporting, and financial reserves.  On a regular basis the Committee provides the Board with complete financial overviews of the University and recommends policies and procedures governing the funding of yearly operational plans and the financing of long-term capital needs. 

Business and Finance Committee Membership, 2016-2017

Bill Hawkins, Chair
Marcus Benning (GPSC)
Lisa Borders
Jack Bovender
Tim Cook
Ralph Eads
Robin Ferracone
Grainne Fitzsimons (Faculty)
Ned Gilhuly
Will Hardee (DSG)
Saranya Ranganathan (DSG)
Will Robinson (GPSC)
Steve Scott
Don Taylor (Faculty)
      Scott Gibson, Executive Vice Dean for Administration, ex officio
      Jim Roberts, Executive Vice Provost for Finance and Administration, ex officio
      Tallman Trask, Executive Vice President, ex officio
      Tim Walsh, Vice President for Finance, ex officio