Facilities and Environment Committee

The Facilities and Environment Committee is responsible for all planning, construction, maintenance, expansion, and renovation projects that impact the University’s consolidated infrastructure, physical facilities, and natural environment, including its lands, improvements, and capital equipment. Within parameters established by the Committee and approved by the Board, the Committee oversees capital projects; designs for projects; and certain capital projects of Duke University Health System, Inc.; the selection and appointment of architects, construction managers, and contractors for such projects; acquisition or disposition of property; and operation and maintenance projects of a certain magnitude. The Committee makes appropriate recommendations to the Board concerning the University’s Master Plan, buildings, grounds, roads, walkways, parking facilities, utilities, and environmental sustainability and policies relating thereto.

Facilities and Environment Committee Membership, 2016-2017

Michael Marsicano, Chair
Gerald Hassell
Ryan Huang (GPSC)
Andrew Janiak (Faculty)
Peter Kahn
Rhett Mabry (Observer)
Tom Metzloff (Faculty)
Martha Monserrate
Michael Norwalk (DSG)
Bob Penn
Basil Seif (DSG)
Ben Shellhorn
Stacy Zhang (GPSC)
      John Noonan, Vice President for Facilities, ex officio
      Tallman Trask, Executive Vice President, ex officio
      Greg Warwick, Architect, Medical Center and Health System, ex officio