Institutional Advancement Committee

The Institutional Advancement Committee reviews, discusses, and, when appropriate and necessary, recommends action on important and substantive issues and proposals involving development, public affairs and government relations, community affairs, and alumni affairs. The Committee reviews and recommends University-wide policies and practices concerning philanthropic giving, fundraising initiatives, alumni programming, communications and media, government and public relations, and community affairs.

Institutional Advancement Committee Membership, 2016-2017

Laurene Sperling, Chair
Carmichael Roberts, Vice Chair
Gary Bennett (Faculty)
Jack Boyd (Observer)
Andrew George (GPSC)
Janet Hill
Neil Kondamuri
Abbe LaBella (GPSC)
Tanner Lockhead (DSG)
Shep Moyle 
Steve Pagliuca
Ashley Crowder Stanley
Laceye Warner (Faculty)
Ilana Weisman (DSG)
      Mike Schoenfeld, Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations, ex officio
      Bob Shepard, Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development, ex officio
      Sterly Wilder, Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs, ex officio
      Phail Wynn, Jr., Vice President of Durham and Regional Affairs, ex officio