Medical Center Academic Affairs Committee

The Medical Center Academic Affairs Committee oversees all activities that support the academic mission of the Medical Center (defined as the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore, and all academic institutes and programs affiliated with any of these schools), and makes recommendations on programs and policies of the Medical Center, including oversight of strategic planning for constituent schools and programs within the Medical Center.

Medical Center Academic Affairs Committee Membership, 2016-2017

Martha Monserrate, Chair
Lisa Borders
Ebony Boulware (Faculty)
Jack Boyd (Observer)
Kirsten Corazzini (Faculty)
Mariam Kayle (GPSC)
Rhett Mabry (Observer)
Colin O'Leary (Davison Council President)
Paul Farmer
Tom Gorrie
Chris Paul (Observer)
Alan Schwartz
Steve Scott
Mari Shinohara (Faculty)
Ashley Crowder Stanley
      Nancy Andrews, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine, ex officio
      Marion Broome, Vice Chancellor for Nursing Affairs and Dean of the School of Nursing, ex officio
      Scott Gibson, Executive Vice Dean, Administration, School of Medicine, ex officio
      Sally Kornbluth, Provost, ex officio
      Gene Washington, Chancellor for Health Affairs at Duke University and President and CEO of the Duke University Health System, ex officio