I am a senior studying Public Policy and Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Outside of the classroom, I have been heavily involved with student government, am part of a business organization, and have worked with a few different political groups during election seasons. I serve on the Arts & Sciences Council faculty committee on Undergraduate Teaching, Academic Standards, and Honors. Throughout my time at Duke, I helped spearhead Blue Devil Buddies, a mentoring program designed to ease transitions to Duke, launched Spark Your Career!, a career panel that intends to level the playing fields for sophomores regarding individual career knowledge and overall career potential, and advocated for expanding students’ ability to use Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory grading in order to aid all students in their ability to succeed at Duke given various individual circumstances.  

I have dedicated a large amount of my time at Duke to trying to make the experience better for both existing and future students. Duke has provided me with countless opportunities, and I view the Young Trustee position as a unique opportunity to continue to give back to the university and to ensure its long-term health. My pragmatism, critical thinking skills, and broad approach to problem solving make me confident that I would be an effective Young Trustee.