Eric Juarez is a Consortium for Faculty Diversity Fellow and Visiting Lecturer in the Psychology and Education department at Mount Holyoke College where his teaching and research focus on imagination and decision making. He received his AB in psychology at Harvard and his PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke. Eric was a leader in the Duke Lutherans and Duke SACNAS chapter. In 2021-2022, he served as a Re-imagining Doctoral Education intern. Eric served Duke’s Board as a member of the Next Generation Living and Learning Experiences Task Force (2018-19), the Graduate and Professional Education and Research committee (2020-21), the Strategic Education Sessions on the Duke Brand and the Future of Higher Education and Academic Medicine (2021-22), and as clerk and chair of the Young Trustee Nominating Committee (2020, 2021, respectively). Eric’s considerable service to Duke was recognized with the Forever Duke Student Leadership Award and the Duke Cornerstone Award. 

Inspired by the passion and excellence of the Trustees he worked with, Eric hopes to join these colleagues in sharing his experience as a consensus builder from his service engaging diverse stakeholders at Duke and developing strategic plans at several levels. Eric’s broad thinking about the future of higher education has been nurtured by his time at Mount Holyoke which has shaped his perspective on the opportunities that Duke’s breadth allows. As we enter our second century as a university, Duke is in a position to foster bold innovation and community partnership while retaining the traditions that uniquely define us.