The strategic task force on Next Generation Living and Learning Experience is charged with submitting a report, with recommendations, that will guide the university over the next decade in shaping the undergraduate residential experience—an experience that should promote growth and health.

Next Generation Living and Learning Experience Task Force Membership, 2018-2019

Betsy Holden, Chair
Gary Bennett, Vice Chair
Madison Barnes (Graduate and Professional Student)
Lisa Borders
Michael Gulcicek (Undergraduate Student)
Eric Juarez (Graduate and Professional Student)
Elizabeth Kiss
Emily Klein (Faculty)
Erika Moore
Sabriyya Pate (Undergraduate Student)
Ann Pelham
J.B. Pritzker
Adam Silver
Josh Sosin (Faculty)
Frederick Sutherland
Kayla Thompson (Undergraduate Student)
Hope Morgan Ward
     Chris Clarke, Senior Assistant Vice President for Trinity College and Graduate School Development, ex officio
     Sally Kornbluth, Provost, ex officio
     Larry Moneta, Vice President for Student Affairs, ex officio