Rich Stureborg

Rich is a PhD candidate in Computer Science, where his research focuses on addressing subjectivity in data pipelines for natural language processing. He works as an AI and ML researcher at Grammarly, where his research investigates how to best integrate AI into people’s writing workflow. Rich’s interdisciplinary research has been featured in the most prestigious peer-reviewed research venues across several fields, including natural language processing (-ACL conferences), human-computer interaction (CHI), artificial intelligence (NeurIPS and AAAI workshops), optics (SPIE, Journal of Biomedical Optics), and public health (Vaccine).

Rich has broad professional experience within higher education. He has worked in and sat on committees and boards for a wide range of topics, including curriculum development, Title IX, disability resources, hiring of key administrators, and university endowments. He was a voting member of an organization that managed investments for part of Northeastern’s endowment. He currently sits on the Advisory Committee for Investment Responsibility at Duke, which examines portfolio transparency and potential divestments for the greater than $12B endowment.

At Duke, Rich was president of DACC for 3 years, a pro-bono management consulting organization where he oversaw more than 50 client engagements and hired more than 200 student consultants. He was also the Treasurer for GPSG, where he managed the $360K annual budget and helped negotiate the 2023 increase in doctoral stipends as part of the university’s PhD stipend task force.

Rich was nominated by the Graduate and Professional Young Trustee Nominating Committee in 2024. He serves as a trustee observer for 2024-2025 and is an observer on the Graduate and Professional Education and Research Committee. He is serving a three-year term on the board, one year as an observer and two years as a voting member.

July 2024