Warren Lattimore

Warren Lattimore is a Th.D. student at Duke Divinity School. In addition to his Th.D., Lattimore is pursuing a certificate in African & African American Studies in The Graduate School and serving as a course director in the Occupational Therapy Doctorate program of the School of Medicine. Prior to moving to Durham, Warren served as the chairman of Camp Restore and as the president of the Black Clergy Caucus of the Lutheran Church. Having recently completed fellowships with Sacred Writes and Kenan Institute’s “Race and the Professions,” Lattimore currently serves on Duke University’s Racial Equity Advisory Council. His academic interests include the history of African-American Lutheranism, particularly Dr. Rosa J. Young and Concordia College Selma, as well as the intersection of racial justice and environmental ethics.

Warren was nominated by the Graduate and Professional Young Trustee Nominating Committee in 2023. He serves as a trustee observer for 2023-2024 and is an observer on the Graduate and Professional Education and Research Committee. He is serving a two-year term on the board, one year as an observer and one year as a voting member.

July 2023