Doha Ali

Doha Ali is a senior from Denver, Colorado studying economics and sociology. Doha believes the primary purpose of her education is to serve others. On-campus, Doha is involved with a number of organizations including serving as a member of the Center for Race Relations, a disciplinary advisor for the Office of Student Conduct, and a resident assistant on West Campus. Beyond Duke, Doha has remained committed to the communities in both Durham and her hometown of Denver. She volunteers at Student U and with the Durham Community Land Trustees. Back in Denver, Doha serves as a mentor with the College Access Project, a near-peer mentorship program focused on helping first-generation low-income students from her neighborhood apply to and succeed in college.

Doha was motivated to apply to the Young Trustee position to continue her service to Duke University in a role that would allow her to direct Duke towards achieving all aspects of its mission. From her life experiences, Doha believes education can serve as the great equalizer, and she would like to ensure that Duke lives up to that belief. The enriching experiences and knowledge Doha has gained over her four years at Duke and throughout her life have provided her with the insights to make nonlinear connections that would assist her in upholding the Young Trustee's fiduciary responsibility.