Gerardo Párraga

Gerardo Párraga is a third-year law student who immigrated to South Florida at a young age from El Salvador. He came to Duke as an undergraduate to study Political Science and Economics. Since, Gerardo has dedicated his time to advocating for marginalized communities as an executive member of the Latin American Law Student Association, original member of the Low-Income/First-Generation Engagement Committee, and by directly representing victims of domestic violence and eviction diversion in Durham via the Civil Justice Clinic. Gerardo continues to focus on university improvements as a member of the Duke Student Alumni Board and Next Generation Living and Learning Committee along with his undergraduate research focused on mental health and inclusivity through Bass Connections. As a law student, he is the Membership Editor of the Duke Law journal and aspires to one day become a professor to expand on his research on the intersection of technology and law. 

Over the past seven years, Gerardo has been an undergraduate, worker, researcher, alumnus, and graduate student at Duke. Through these multiple lenses, he has seen Duke’s broader impact. Gerardo’s desire to be Young Trustee comes from the hope that, as a member of the Board, he will be able to contribute to decisions that make Duke more accessible, to proudly serve as a representative for the merits of research, and to creatively broker compromises that benefit all Duke’s stakeholders. He strongly believes that his lived experience has prepared him to be an outspoken and fearless fiduciary of the University.