Nicholas Chrapliwy

Nicholas Chrapliwy is a Trinity senior from High Point, NC who has been researching and learning at Duke since his first internship at the LSRC in 2015. Majoring in Neuroscience with minors in Linguistics and Music, Nicholas has also engaged deeply with the academic study of Duke’s history through the Building Duke Bass Connections team and other projects. His membership on the Centennial Strategic Task Force of Duke’s Board of Trustees has not only allowed him to contribute to the university’s strategy for the upcoming centennial, but also made him uniquely aware of the broad issues facing Duke now and in the future. As a Chronicle Opinion contributor and editor, Nicholas has expressed his passion for understanding Duke through his columns, most of which center around the incredible things that make Duke what it is—a totally unique, people-centered institution that is capable of leading the world in research and innovation.

"I know I’m not alone in loving Duke with a passion, but I want to be Young Trustee because following my passion has given me a uniquely thorough understanding of Duke’s historic development, the current issues it faces along with other institutions of higher learning, and the critical need for decisions of the Board to be informed by the perspective of younger people. The Board needs someone who knows Duke along every facet of its breadth and who can articulate the ambitions of young people for this institution’s future without alienating anyone, and I know I can be that person."