Listed below are recipients from 1930 to 1939.


Oliver Cromwell Carmichael, Doctor of Laws
Chancellor, Vanderbilt University

Charles Lee Raper, Doctor of Laws
Professor of Economics, Dean of College of Business Administration, Syracuse University

William Henry Glasson, Doctor of Laws
Professor of Economics, Chairman of Department and Dean of Graduate School, Duke University


James Braxton Craven, Doctor of Divinity
Methodist Minister, Educational Administrator

Norman Vincent Peale, Doctor of Divinity
Pastor, Marble Collegiate Reformed Church, New York City

Ellen Glasgow, Doctor of Laws

Ray Stannard Baker, Doctor of Literature
Editor of Public Papers, author and agent of State Department

Lewis Hill Weed, Doctor of Science
Director, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Professor of Anatomy

Charles Holmes Herty, Doctor of Science
Chemist, teacher and organizer of chemical research

Clyde R. Hoey, Doctor of Laws
Governor of North Carolina


Marion T. Plyler and Alva W. Plyler, Doctor of Divinity
Ministers and editors of North Carolina Christian Advocate

Charles Cassedy Bass, Doctor of Laws
Dean of School of Medicine, Tulane University

Robert W. Winston, Doctor of Laws
Lawyer and "man of letters"


Edwin NcNeill Poteat, Jr., Doctor of Divinity
Baptist minister; writer

Charles C. Weaver, Doctor of Divinity
Methodist preacher and educational administrator

Robert E. Blackwell, Doctor of Laws
President, Randolph Macon College

Henry Nelson Snyder, Doctor of Laws
President, Wofford College

Sao-Ke Alfred Sze, Doctor of Laws
Chinese Ambassador to the United States

Hardin F. Taylor, Doctor of Science
Scientist and inventor

Jesse Lee Cuninggim, Doctor of Divinity
Organizer and builder of Scarritt College


Thomas Campbell Darst, Doctor of Divinity
Bishop, Eastern North Carolina, Protestant Episcopal Church

Gerald Ray Jordan, Doctor of Divinity
Pastor, Centenary Methodist Church, Winston-Salem, NC

Robert D.W. Connor, Doctor of Laws
Former Secretary, North Carolina Historical Commission; Kenan Professor of History, University of North Carolina

Martha M. Berry, Doctor of Laws
Founder, Berry School, Mount Berry, GA

John Lloyd Newcomb, Doctor of Laws
President, University of Virginia


Howard Bement, Doctor of Laws
Headmaster, Asheville School

Benjamin R. Lacy, Jr., Doctor of Divinity
President, Union Theological Seminary

Paul B. Kern, Doctor of Divinity
Methodist Bishop


Homer L. Ferguson, Doctor of Science
Distinguished Naval architect and ship builder

Ivan Lee Holt, Doctor of Divinity
Member, General Conference and General Board of Education of the Methodist Episcopal Church

John P. Munroe, Doctor of Science
One of founders of medical profession in North Carolina

William Louis Poteat, Doctor of Laws
President Emeritus, Wake Forest College

Sir Josiah Stamp, Doctor of Laws
Chairman, London Midland and Scottish Railway; British representative on reparations commission's committee on German currency and finance


Frank P. Graham, Doctor of Laws
President, University of North Carolina

Thurman D. Kitchin, Doctor of Laws
President, Wake Forest College


Edwin D. Mouzon, Doctor of Laws
Bishop of The Methodist Church

Ray L. Wilbur, Doctor of Laws
United States Secretary of the Interior

Walter L. Lingle, Doctor of Laws
President, Davidson College

David R. Coker, Doctor of Science
South Carolina industrialist