Listed below are recipients from 1950 to 1959.


Edwin M. Gill, Doctor of Laws
Treasurer, State of North Carolina

Nolan B. Harman, Doctor of Divinity
Methodist Bishop

Richard A. Harvill, Doctor of Laws
President, University of Arizona

Hugh T. Lefler, Doctor of Laws
Kenan Professor of History, University of North Carolina

Benjamin Lee Smith, Doctor of Laws
Superintendent Emeritus, Greensboro City Schools


William C. Friday, Doctor of Laws
President, Consolidated University of North Carolina

Charles S. Rhyne, Doctor of Laws
President, American Bar Association

James A. Shannon, Doctor of Science
Director, National Institutes of Health

Archibald L. M. Wiggins, Doctor of Laws
Banker; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Atlantic Coastline Railroad


George W. Harley, Doctor of Humanities
Medical missionary to Africa

L. Quincy Mumford, Doctor of Literature
Librarian of Congress

Algernon B. Reese, Doctor of Laws
President, American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology

William R. Vanlentiner, Doctor of Laws
Director, North Carolina Museum of Art


Charles F. Carroll, Doctor of Laws
North Carolina State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ralph W. Sockman, Doctor of Letters
Minister, Christ Church, Methodist, New York City


George G. Allen, Doctor of Laws
Chairman of the Board, The Duke Endowment; Duke University Trustee

William Hane Wannamaker, Doctor of Laws
Vice President Emeritus, Duke University


Harold W. Tribble, Doctor of Laws
President, Wake Forest College

James A. Gray, Doctor of Laws
Civic leader; Chairman, Board of Directors, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

Paul Neff Garber, Doctor of Divinity
Former Dean, Duke Divinity School; Methodist Bishop

Edgar W. Knight, Doctor of Letters
Head, Department of Education, University of North Carolina


Liston Pope, Doctor of Divinity
Dean, Yale Divinity School

Julian P. Boyd, Doctor of Letters
Librarian, Princeton University; Editor, Jefferson Papers

Gordon Gray, Doctor of Laws
President, University of North Carolina


William Henry Draper, Jr., Doctor of Laws
Economic advisor to Commander-in-Chief, European Theater; former under Secretary of the Army

James William Fulbright, Doctor of Laws
Senator from Arkansas

Paul Budd Magnuson, Doctor of Science
Chief Medical Director, Veterans Administration

Wendell Holmes Stephenson, Doctor of Letters
Professor of History, Tulane University