Listed below are recipients from 1970 to 1979.


David Farquhar Cavers, Doctor of Laws
Professor, Harvard Law School

Samuel DuBois Cook, Doctor of Laws
President, Dillard University

Richard Bernard Henney, Doctor of Laws
Executive Director, The Duke Endowment

Paul Oskar Kristellar, Doctor of Literature
Professor Emeritus, Columbia University

Jonathan Evans Rhoads, Doctor of Science
Surgeon, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Benjamin Franklin Swalin, Doctor of Humane Letters
Former Director, North Carolina Symphony Orchestra

Martha Maxine McMahon Swalin, Doctor of Humane Letters
Former Manager, North Carolina Symphony Orchestra


Charles Frankel, Doctor of Literature
Professor, Columbia University; President, National Humanities Center

George Richard Herbert, Doctor of Laws
President, Research Triangle Institute

Eugene Corbett Patterson, Doctor of Laws
Editor, St. Petersburg Times

Glenn Theodore Seaborg, Doctor of Laws
Former Head, Atomic Energy Commission
Leonard Solomon Silk, Doctor of Laws
Member of the editorial board of The New York Times

Edward Osborne Wilson, Doctor of Science
Professor of Zoology, Harvard University

John Zachary Young, Doctor of Science
Biologist and researcher in neurophysiology


Nelson Ferebee Taylor, Doctor of Laws
Chancellor,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Perry Como, Doctor of Humane Letters

Leslie Carnegie Dowdy, Doctor of Laws
Chancellor of North Carolina A&T University

George Frost Kennan, Doctor of Laws
Diplomat; writer


John Franklin Enders, Doctor of Humane Letters
Nobel Prize winning virologist and microbiologist

Dirk Andries Flentrop, Doctor of Fine Arts
Master organ builder

Joseph Lane Kirkland, Doctor of Laws
American labor leader

Hildegard Elizabeth Peplau, Doctor of Science
Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University; developer of psychiatric nursing

James Ralph Scales, Doctor of Laws
President of Wake Forest University

John Joseph Sirica, Doctor of Laws
Judge, District of Columbia

Lewis Thomas, Doctor of Humane Letters
President of the Sloan-Kettering Institute; etymologist; essayist


Gay Wilson Allen, Doctor of Literature
Professor of English literature at New York University; authority on American poetry

Agnes deMille, Doctor of Fine Arts
Tony Award winning choreographer

Alfred Johnston Fletcher, Doctor of Humane Letters
Radio and television executive; patron of the arts

Allan H. Gilbert, Doctor of Literature
Professor emeritus of English, Duke University

Paul Magnus Gross, Doctor of Science
William Howell Pegram professor emeritus of chemistry, Duke University

Alexander Heard, Doctor of Humane Letters
Chancellor of Vanderbilt University

George Evelyn Hutchinson, Doctor of Letters
Sterling Professor of Zoology, emeritus, at Yale University; founder of modern ecology

William Thomas Laprade, Doctor of Literature
Professor emeritus of history, Trinity College / Duke University

Benjamin Elijah Mays, Doctor of Humane Letters
Retired president of Morehouse College

Henry E. Rauch, Doctor of Laws
Former director and chairman of the board of Burlington Industries; Trustee emeritus, Duke University

Elmer Boyd Staats, Doctor of Laws
Comptroller General of the United States


Marian Anderson, Doctor of Humane Letters
Leading contralto; early champion of rights for blacks

Albert Cook Outler, Doctor of Humane Letters
Professor of Theology at Southern Methodist University

Charles Edward Jordan, Doctor of Laws (posthumous)
Vice President Emeritus of Duke University

Benjamin Everett Jordan, Doctor of Laws (posthumous)
United States Senator; Trustee Emeritus of Duke University

Susie Marshall Sharp, Doctor of Laws
First woman to become a Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court

Albert Nathaniel Whiting, Doctor of Laws
President of North Carolina Central University

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Doctor of Laws
Prime Minister of Canada


John A.D. Cooper, Doctor of Science
President of the Association of American Medical Colleges

John Brooks Fuqua, Doctor of Laws
Founder and Chief Executive of Fuqua Industries; former state senator of Georgia

Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Doctor of Laws
Executive Director of National Urban League; formerly Executive Director of the United Negro College Fund and Director of the Voter Education Project of the Southen Regional Council

Jurgen Moltmann, Doctor of Divinity
Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Tubingen, Germany

Robert Ward, Doctor of Fine Arts
President of North Carolina School of the Arts; President of the Martha Baird Rockefeller Foundation; composer

Ellen Winston, Doctor of Humane Letters
Former United States Commissioner of Welfare; former Commissioner of Public Welfare of the State of North Carolina


William Bevan, Doctor of Laws
Psychologist; higher education administrator; Executive Officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Walter Cronkite, Doctor of Letters
Radio and television news analyst

Kathrine Robinson Everett, Doctor of Laws
Attorney; first woman to argue a case before the North Carolina Supreme Court; City Councilman; civic leader

Raven Ioor McDavid, Jr., Doctor of Literature
Professor of English at the University of Chicago


Lineunt Scott Allen, Doctor of Divinity
Bishop of Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church in Tennessee; first black to be elected head of a predominantly white Methodist Conference

Lewis McAdory Branscomb, Doctor of Science
Director of National Bureau of Standards

Albert Coates, Doctor of Laws
Director Emeritus of the Institute of Government in Chapel Hill

Elizabeth Duncan Koontz, Doctor of Laws
Director of Women's Bureau, Wage and Labor Standards, Department of Labor; former President of the National Education Association

U Thant, Doctor of Humane Letters
Secretary General of the United Nations

Lucius Stacy Weaver, Doctor of Laws
President of Methodist College; former Superintendent of Durham City Schools
Thomas Grey Wicker, Doctor of Letters
Associate Editor, The New York Times


Justus Bier, Doctor of Fine Arts
Director of the North Carolina Museum of Art

Margaret Baggett Dolan, Doctor of Laws
Head of Department of Public Health Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; former President of the American Nurses' Association

John Heysham Gibbon, Jr., Doctor of Science
Chairman Emeritus of the Department of Surgery at Jefferson Medical College, University of Pennsylvania; developer of the heart-lung pump oxygenator

Calvin Bryce Hoover, Doctor of Laws
Professor Emeritus of Economics at Duke University; advisor to presidents of the United States

John Hervey Wheeler, Doctor of Laws
President of Mechanics and Farmers Bank, Durham; outstanding civic leader