Duke and Durham Today and Tomorrow Strategic Task Force:  Executive Summary from the Report

The strategic task force on Duke and Durham Today and Tomorrow is charged with providing strategic insight to Duke’s efforts to broaden collaboration and partnership with the Durham community. Members will be called upon to review the history of Duke’s relationship with the city, take stock of current engagement initiatives, and advise on strategic priorities moving forward.

Duke and Durham Today and Tomorrow Task Force Membership, 2020-2021

Allyson Duncan, Chair
Stelfanie Williams, Vice Chair
Kelyce Allen (Undergraduate Student)
Bill Bell (Community Representative)
Anjali Boyd (Graduate/Professional Student)
William Brody
John Brown (Faculty)
Ralph Eads
Anna Gassman-Pines (Faculty)
Mychal Harrison (Observer)
Betsy Holden
Bill Kaelin
Travis Knoll (Graduate/Professional Student)
Joel Meyer (Faculty)
Mark Anthony Neal (Faculty)
Ann Pelham
Nancy Schlichting
Steve Scott
Ashley Crowder Stanley
Fred Sutherland
Jimmy Toscano (Undergraduate Student)
Trey Walk