The strategic task force on Activating the Global Network is charged with developing a plan for next-generation engagement platforms to extend and deepen all aspects of university life, creating a robust, global, continually developing human-development cooperative. The plan will contain reciprocal pathways for alumni to continue their learning throughout their lives while leveraging their talent, drive, and experience to enrich the education of current undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Activating the Global Network Task Force Membership, 2018-2019

Kathryn Hollister, Chair
Dave Kennedy, Vice Chair
Valerie Ashby (Faculty)
Eren Bagis (Undergraduate Student)
Bill Boulding (Faculty)
Jack Boyd
Allyson Duncan
Xiqing Gao
Jenny Jiao (Undergraduate Student)
Amy Kramer (Observer)
Manoj Mohanan (Faculty)
Patricia Morton
Ashley Crowder Stanley
Kameron Townsend (Graduate and Professional Student)
Jeffrey Ubben
Edgar Virguez (Graduate and Professional Student)
Erika Weinthal (Faculty)
Laura Meyer Wellman (Observer)
     Sterly Wilder, associate vice president for alumni affairs, ex officio