Audit and Compliance Committee

The Audit and Compliance Committee serves as the representative of the Board in meeting certain of the university’s statutory and fiduciary obligations. The Committee has principal oversight responsibility for management’s system of internal controls and the controls over external reporting, the internal and external audit processes, the regulatory compliance functions, and institutional ethics and conflicts of interest. The Committee provides an avenue of communication among the independent auditor, the Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance, and the Board. 

Audit and Compliance Committee Membership, 2018-2019

Gerald Hassell, Chair
Peter Kahn, Vice Chair
Allyson Duncan
William Hawkins
Betsy Holden
Michael Marsicano, ex officio
Bill Mayew (Faculty) (Observer)
Stephen Pagliuca
Ann Pelham
Robert Penn
Don Taylor (Faculty) (Observer)
      Pam Bernard, Vice President & General Counsel, ex officio
      Leigh Goller, Chief Audit, Risk and Compliance Officer, ex officio
      Tallman Trask, Executive Vice President, ex officio