Executive Committee

The Executive Committee can exercise all powers of the Board of Trustees in the interim between meetings of the Board. In addition, the Executive Committee oversees the management and operations of organizations affiliated with the University, considers and acts upon matters that are referred to the Committee by the Board or one of the other standing committees of the Board for study and possible resolution, serves as a forum for the consideration of significant institutional issues and priorities that transcend the jurisdiction of the other standing committees of the Board, and assumes responsibility for monitoring the performance of the President and making appropriate decisions involving the compensation and financial benefits of the President and certain other officers and employees. 

Executive Committee Membership, 2017-2018

Jack Bovender, Chair
Allyson Duncan
Edward Gilhuly
Thomas Gorrie
Gerald Hassell
William Hawkins
Betsy Holden
Michael Marsicano
Martha Monserrate
Vincent Price
Carmichael Roberts
Laurene Sperling